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Women's Fashion Polarized Cat EyeLens Width: 55mm
Lens Height: 51mm
Temple: 143mm

Women's Fashion Polarized Cat Eye Polycarbonate Metal Sunglasses


●  Lens Width: 55mm

●  Lens Height: 51mm

●  Bridge:17mm

●  Temple: 143mm


Why should we choose right sunglasses?

When shopping for sunglasses, many people tend to look at fashion first, rather than function. While it's always fun to pop on a fresh pair of uber-cool shades, keep in mind the most important reason for wearing them in the first place: to protect your eyes. Ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) from the sun can be very dangerous, sometimes causing irreversible damage to our vision. To properly shield your eyes, you must wear the right type of sunglasses, since wearing the wrong type can cause more damage than wearing no glasses at all.(Tinted glasses lacking UV protection may cause more harm to the eyes than wearing no glasses.)

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