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Stylish Rimless Round Polarized Women SunglassesGroup: Adult
Gender: For Unisex
Shape: Rimless
Lens material: TAc

Stylish Rimless Round Polarized Sunglasses for Women


Group: Adult 

Gender: For Unisex 

Shape: Rimless 

Lens material: TAc

Frame material: stainless steel

Lens height: 46mm

Lens width: 57mm 

Temple Length: 137mm

Nose: 20mm

Frame Length:138mm


Will Round Sunglasses Suit My Face?

Round sunglasses works best with the following four types of face shapes: Oval, Square, Heart and Oblong, for the following reasons:

●  Oval face shape: Oval faces are characterized by their balanced features and rounded chin and forehead – and envied for their ability to suit almost every type of sunglasses. Feel free to experiment with different styles, and mix it up with smaller or larger frames.

●  Square face shape: Characterized by their strong jawline and wide cheekbones, square faces are softened by round sunglasses while still highlighting your facial features.

●  Heart face shape: Heart face shapes have wide foreheads and narrow chins, and work really well with round sunglasses as they add balance to the often-tricky shape.

●  Oblong face shape: Oblong faces are longer than they are wide, and is often accompanied by a long, straight jawline and a long nose. Round sunglasses in larger styles give your face balance without minimizing your features.

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