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Top Quality Night Vision Safe SunglassesEffective against strong light and Enhance Driving Safety at night.
Using High Quality Metal,Flexible arms to fit different face,Impact resistance and high wear resistance.
Anti-glare,Anti strong light,Anti-UV,Polarized light.
Wear comfortable,Perfect for Night Driving & All outdoor activities,golf,running,sailing. Specially Designed For Urban Fashion Men or Women. ​

    EXCELLENT NIGHT VISION-Reduce night driving glare and eye strain, enhance night vision, improve color clarity and optical definition, enable to see better when driving at night or cloudy, rainy days, making driving safer.
    SUPERIOR WEARING FRAME- flexible arms to fit different face.The spring arms are available to stretch out for 10 degrees, which ensure the comfort of wearing and withstand fallen off.
    BEST WISH GIFT-Specially Designed For Urban Fashion Men or Women.Nice gift package, making it a wonderful gift idea for your friend!


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