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Stylish Clear Lens Frame GlassesNEW AESTHETIC DESIGN - Hipster retro designer style.Vintage round spectacles with geometry frames and slender arms.These eyeglass complements a range of facial shapes.You'll receive many compliments on your outfits.


    BLUELIGHT BLOCKER LENS - Reduce symptoms of eyestrain during prolonged computer exposure.A significant improvement of the symptoms like dry eyes, sticky eyes, and the feeling of grittiness or "sand" in the eye.
    REPLACEABLE LENSES - The original non prescription lenses can be replaced with progressive lenses at your neighborhood reading glasses place.
    ADVANCED HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Molecular bond provides a scratch resistant coating for lenses.Stainless steel spring hinges resist corrosion.
    COMFORTABLE WEARING - Lightweight and durable.These glasses fits well both for small faces and big heads with adjustable nose guards.


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