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Retro Round Prescription Metal EyeglassesRound frame
Acetate tips
Comfortable tips

Retro Round Prescription Metal Eyeglass Frame 

Round frame

Acetate tips

Comfortable tips


How can I prolong the life of my eyeglasses?

●  If you're buying just one pair of glasses, avoid trendy frames that could go out of style quickly.

●  If you're buying glasses for a child whose prescription changes often, ask to have new lenses put in the old frames, rather than buying new frames each time.

●  Choose a style with spring hinges, which allow the temples to flex slightly outward without breaking the eyeglasses.

●  Ask for scratch-resistant coating.

●  Follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper care of your glasses. Improper care is a primary cause of damage to anti-reflective coating and can cause other problems as well.




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