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History Of Sunglasses
Dec 26, 2018

At least three countries have claimed that they first invented glasses. The book of Spanish missionaries 500 years ago mentioned that they brought back glasses from China, but unfortunately there is no physical evidence. Another thing to say is that the Eskimo used a wooden goggles 500 years ago. It was actually a long strip of wood with two slits on it. This is obviously not a sunglasses. It is credible that modern sunglasses are the invention of Europeans. In the 18th century Europe, the industrial revolution has begun, and glass manufacturing and precision metal processing are becoming more and more perfect. At that time, the glasses manufacturers were mainly small workshops, hand-made, and each manufacturer's name was also marked. Many of these small workshops later became manufacturers of precision instruments and watches. At that time, glasses had become the new favorite of the upper class. The tuxedo, Stick and pinch-nose glasses were the standard dress of a decent enough gentleman.

The biggest asset of the industrial revolution to human beings was cars and airplanes, and cars and airplanes brought the popularity of goggles, because at that time the plane was also open-top, and there was no windshield to drive.

At the beginning of the 20th century, goggles for driving became a symbol of wealth and fashion. Goggles are mainly made of glass, but also natural crystals, but they are extremely expensive. In the 1930s, Germans and Americans invented polystyrene plastics. The transparency was comparable to that of glass, but it was stronger than glass. This material was quickly used on goggles. Since the production of polystyrene was very low at the time, the price was more expensive than glass, and it was absolutely possible to wear this goggles. The fashion trend of sunglasses is not as fickle as clothing. The classic sunglasses style has been sought after by a large number of fashion people since the 1950s. Especially this year, the resurgence of classic sunglasses styles is particularly obvious, and major brands have joined this. The wave of re-enactment, most notably the aviator glasses and the popularity of vinyl frames in the 1980s.