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Night Vision View Square Full Rim Glasses GogglesMade in China
Metal frame
TAC lens

Night Vision View Square Full Rim Glasses Goggles Metal Frame 

·  Made in China

·  Metal frame

·  TAC lens

·  polarized

·  Lens width: 64 millimeters

·  Lens height: 50 millimeters

·  Bridge: 10 millimeters

·  Arm: 138 millimeters

·  Yellow coating blocks blue light that causes night-time glare

·  Excellent UV400 protection

·  Ensuring Driving safety and great for outdoor activities.

·  Metal frame TAC lens


Glasses For Night Driving – Improve Your Night Vision

Driving at night can be a real challenge for many of us. Our depth of field is severely reduced in the dark, compounded by the glaring headlights of on-coming cars. Add to that obscure shadows and inclement weather and you’ve got the potential for real trouble.

But fear not. There are glasses for night driving,that cut down on headlight glare and add contrast to nighttime objects and roads, making it easier for you to see.


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