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Kids Cat Eye Polarized Decoration SunglassesPROVIDE 100% EYE PROTECTION FOR YOUR KIDS - UV400 polarized lenses can protect your children's eyes from long term UV damage by blocking 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.
HIGH QUALITY GOOD MATERIALS - This kids sunglasses is made of high quality metal materials, which perfectly solve the breaking issues. Along with our improvement to all the details, we are pride to say that our product is safe for your children to wear and will be durable enough for long time using.
WONDERFUL CHOICE FOR YOUR CHILDREN - It is the perfect choice for your child, which is also gift packaged ready, making it a wonderful practical gift idea for your children!

Features And Benefits
1 - The super light and durable frame: Let your kids feel comfortable while wearing our sunglasses.
2 - Imported food grade  material : The frame is bendable and unbreakable, so it is extremely safe for your kids.
3 - 100% UV400 polarized lens: The lens can filter out glare from reflecting surfaces and restore a vivid colorful world in your children's eyes.
4 - Multiple surface layers on the lens: Anti scratching coating, Polarized layer, UV400 protection double layer, Enhanced base layer and Shatterproof layer on the surface of the lens.19919_01





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