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Spring Hinge UV400 Sunglasses with Aluminum TempleAviator shape design
Comfortable rubber nosepad
Aluminum temple with spring hinge

Polarized Sunglasses Aluminum Alloy Temple Spring Hinge UV400


Aviator shape design

Comfortable rubber nosepad

Aluminum temple with spring hinge

Sunglasses hinge:

Sunglasses hinge styles vary in the amount of tension they place on your temples, depending on the size and shape of your head, and can sometimes be adjusted. Hinges are usually made of either stainless steel or plastic. While stainless steel hinges tend to have longer lifespans, they usually lack flexibility. There are generally three types of sunglass hinges: barrel, spring and interlocking hinges.

●  Barrel hinge: The barrel is the most common type of hinge. The barrel hinge is designed with interlocking pieces on the inside of the frame, held together with a small screw.

●  Spring hinge: Spring hinges are made with a spring, allowing the temples of the frame to press more firmly to your head. These hinges are more expensive but allow for a more customized fit.

●  Interlocking hinge: Interlocking hinges are a lot like barrel hinges, except the hinge is molded directly into the frame. These hinges are commonly used in plastic frames.


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