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Vintage Polarized Aviator Aluminum SunglassesAviator Aluminum Sunglasses
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Light Weight Vintage Polarized Aviator Aluminum Sunglasses


Aviator Aluminum Sunglasses


Ready Goods

High Quality


Aluminum is lightweight and low in density. This makes the material strong, and also light enough to use for thick fashion designs. Aluminum can accept a variety of colors, and chemical anodizing is sometimes used to create black, brown and gold colors. Because aluminum cannot be easily welded or soldered, end pieces, hinges, and nose pads must be fastened with rivets or screws, increasing the chance that those pieces fall out causing the frame to fail. This greatly limits the design possibilities. Aluminum is also very stiff, which limits its versatility.

However, the lightness and stiffness of aluminum in some eye glasses designs offers great advantages. For example, for metal frames that are thicker in design, and larger in design, aluminum is the toughest material and can accommodate the thickest and heaviest lenses. Aluminum frames last a long time and can take a lot of abuse compared to plastic frames, or thin metal frames.


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